Amazing Facts about Hair

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Amazing Facts about Hair

Amazing Facts about Hair

Antioxidants - neutralise the free radicals and toxin free environment for cells Iron, calcium, amino acids, magnesium, selenium, zinc minerals for the structure of the hair.

B-complex, Biotin, Vitamin A, C, D, Omega 3, co-enzymes, catalyst, are task force to build up the structure of the hair.

Hair is non essential organ

Hair has no contribution to the funtioning of the body. Hair growth is optional, only permitted when the entire body is in good health and there are nutrients to spare for hair growth OR else body arrests hair growth to spare nutrients for more vital functions for maintaining good health.


Novel prize winning research 2016

Your cells of the hair can be destroyed to compensate for any need of Nutrients (A phenomenon called autophagy) or compensated failure. Dr Yoshinori Oshumi from Japan was awarded the Noble Prize for Medicine in 2016 for his work on autophasy. If iron levels or amino acid levels are low, they will be restored by arresting the growth of the hair follicles. The levels are maintained normal by not making the hair. Therefore we can also assume that hair willl grow only with total wellness. Hair is the only organ that grows when cells die due to keratinization. The hair that grows out is dead. You cannot continue to apply protein packs, treatment on dead hair to stop the fall or grow it better. The hair will become manageable and look better due to such external treatment but real strength and growth always comes from inside.

Why is hair loss increasingly common today

1 Competitive Lifestyle Stress, lack of sleep, lack of sports and good breathing exercise.

2 Poor eating habits - wrong time, wrong choice of food.

3 Gym supplements, Overuse of Whey Protein, Overuse of Vitamins.

4 Fad diets - High Protein, No Carbs, Fat free diets.

5 Restricted eating, Calorie watching has become a social practice.

6 Attraction for Sugar foods and processed foods.

7 Increased pollution in air, water and atmosphere.

8 Depleted Ozone layer exposing to UV rays.

9 Hormones, antibiotics, in meat - Chicken eaters hair loss.

10 Fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, in food, fast growing hybrids.

11 Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, EDC's in food products.

Hair loss is natural and can never be zero

Hair loss is a natural scavenging or removal of damaged, weak hair, unfit for growth. This damaged hair removed and then replaced with new stronger hair.

A small percentage around 8-10% of the hair out of the 120,000 follicles you have will get damaged due to environment lifestyle, stress, nutrition changes and will fall.

No person ever become bald due to hair loss. You become bald because lost hair is not being replaced with new hair. We can ensure the replacement with good hair care program.

Hair loss is not Hormonal?

The hair loss we see today is not hormonal. Researchers today agree that hormone levels are not raised but hair follicle cells have become weak and sensitive. Multiple causes make the hair sensitive to normal hormones. Causes are vague, not quantifiable, cannot be confirmed with tests.

Combined Hair Care With Transplant

A Balanced nutritional approach promotes all the follicles to come in Anagen growth phase and increase the yield. Thus creating more number of good growing follicles that can be harvested for the transplant.

Increase the thickness and caliber of the hair follicles. The strong follicles can withstand handling during the ttransplant. The strong follicles are easy to harvest and easy to implant.

Promotes better regrowth of the transplanted hair. A good care program is a must pre and post transplant.

Nutrition - The Hidden Hunger

"In the future, we will not be able to rely anymore on our premise that the consumption of a varied balanced diet willl provide all the essential trace elements, because such a diet will be very difficult to obtain for millions of people."

Dr. Walter Mertz
US Department of Agriculture, Report to Congress, 1977.

"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

Dr Linus Pauling
Scientist and Nobel Prize Winner

Hair Growth - 4 months Cycle

Growth - Breakdown - Fall - Resting phase followed by Re-growth & - Cycle should continue.

But under unfavourable conditions hair remains in resting phase and refuse to go back in growth phase.

Providing stimulation for growth along with building blocks required to generate new hair will stimulate this hair back in to growth cycle.

Hair loss is multi-factorial

Reasons may include :

Heredity - Male pattern baldness - Hypertension - Lack of Protein - Environmental Pollution - Pregnancy - Chemotherapy - Ageing - Hormones - Pesticides - Physical Stress - Anemia - Vitamin B Deficiency - Overuse of Vitamin A - Emotional Stress - Antidepressants - Dramatic Weight Loss - PCOD - Hypothyroidism - Diabetes - Autoimmune Related Hair Loss - Anabolic Steroids - Blood Thinners & Preservatives. Treat one reason Hair starts falling for other reasons

Hair is becoming weak and sensitive and is therefore getting vulnerable to fall for many reasons. Strengthening of hair, irrespective of the reasons will ensure coontinuous and robust hair growth.

Hair loss and hair growth are two separate cycles

In our minds we have connected the two. We feel if the hair is falling, it means it has stopped growing. But you can achieve more hair growth than what is falling and posses robust healthy hair on your head. Lost Hair not being compensated by enough New Hair Growth leads to balding or Thinning.

Can we get essential nutrients from food

Soil is depleted and nutritional value of the foods is falling over the years. Fresh food cannot reach the consumers, it comes through transport, warehouse and cold storage. We consume more processed food with preservatives. You need low dose supplements to cover the lack of nutrients. Some little amount of nutrients that we manage to get are used to repair cells damaged by stress, pollution, and lifestyle.