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Factors that affect hair health


A decent hair makes an individual increasingly alluring and engaging. Hair is the primary thing comes in our mind when we attempt to look better or alluring. A decent hairstyle can change the way in which an individual looks. Watching out for hair wellbeing is something we can’t disregard these days. Taking the correct sustenance can help you supporting sound hair. Before treating hair wellbeing, individuals need to think about the elements that can influence hair development. You can also visit a hair specialist to treat your damaged hair or hair loss problems.

Should you worry about pollution affecting your hair only if you are exposed outdoor?

Apart from the exposed to cold temperature, working in closed building air-conditioned environment, recirculates the particles, chemicals, fumes from paint, polish, furniture, lint, VOCs, volatile organic compounds from the gases in the air conditioner, which settle on the scalp causing sensitive scalp, paint in the hair roots can damage hair and leading to hair loss.

Working in the aircraft cabins can protect the hair?

Working in pressurized aircraft cabins causes dehydration of the scalp and hair loss. It is important to keep sipping something when in flight. Have a good amount of water. Moisturize the scalp.

Expose to pollution, dust, the sun cannot harm the good quality hair?

It is proven through scientific studies that 1.5 – 2 times more pollutants are found on the scalp than the levels in the air that leads to hair loss and sensitive scalp syndrome causing irritation, itching and pain in the hair roots. Exposure to the dust and UV rays cause photodamage, generation of peroxides, changes similar to skin damage, leading to poor hair growth and hair loss.

Is heredity hair loss is treatable?

If heredity diabetes, heredity blood pressure, heredity asthma is treatable, why can we not treat heredity hair loss? Heredity only means that you can get hair loss more easily than others, but this is sure treatable. You can avail a lot of Hair Loss Solutions. The hereditary gene sequence determines only 40% of the outcome, 60% is influenced by environmental epigenetic factors. Just like hereditary diabetes or heart disease is precipitated by a faulty lifestyle or can be prevented with proper diet, lifestyle and exercise.

Losing 50 to 100 hairs a day is alarming?

It is normal to lose 20 - 100 hair a day as 10% of your hair is always in the fall phase. If you lose full-length hair with a small white end denoting is telogen shedding. This hair can grow back in the next 4 months cycle. If you get multiple small strands falling all over, this is hair breakage due to weak hair shafts. Hair abuse, perming, straightening, curling, use of chemicals, frequent colouring, exposure to excess heat or excess cold.

Split ends must be repaired or you will go bald?

Split ends don’t prompt sparseness; they lead to low-quality hair. Split ends are the consequence of dryness and hair scraped area amid brushing, styling, detangling, treatment of wet hair, utilization of blow dryer or brutal scouring while towel drying. Weak hair cuticle can also lead to easy damage and split ends. Nutrient insufficiencies, iron, calcium, protein lacks, fat-dissolvable nutrient A, D, E, K inadequacies debilitate the cuticle and take away the shine. Utilization of hair serum OR great hair oil can coat the hair shaft and diminish rough harm. Try not to deal with the hair when wet, utilize a wide-toothed brush and trim your hair normally and furthermore use hair shaft fix treatment when required. You need great sustenance to maintain a strategic distance from split finishes.

Shaving the head can regrow thicker and better hair.

Shaving the head causes some trauma to the scalp which temporarily increases the rate of hair growth. Few weak follicles in the sleeping phase may not grow back immediately but would sure come back in the next 2-4 months. New growing hair looks thicker due to an optical illusion. Anything that is short in height looks thick, stout or fatter. In fact, this new hair is the same thicknesses the old hair.

If you start coloring grey hair, rest of the hair also becomes grey?

Once you start having grey hair, further greying continues irrespective of whether you would colour the hair or not. But when you begin to colour the progressive greying remains hidden under the colour, it cannot be seen and suddenly one day you realize that practically all the hair has become grey, feeling that colouring lead to further greying.

You can stop shampooing to prevent hair fall?

The hair that falls during the shampoo is not loosened or broken during the shampoo. This is the hair broken over the past few days that comes out when we clean the scalp. If we shampoo once is 3 days, the hair broken over 3 days will come off at that time. If we shampoo once in 7 days, hair broken over 7 days will come off at a time. If we do not shampoo, it does not stop the hair from breaking or become lose. Hair loss will stop when you strengthen the hair roots from within by using scalp applications and vitamins. Regular shampoo to maintain scalp hygiene is an important part of growing the hair better.

Can we make hair loss zero? Stop my hair loss?

THair growth is a natural circle, A fixed number of hairs regularly complete the growth cycle and are ready to fall which fixed by birth, is usually around 10%. If hair loss is more we can reduce it to within 10% but we cannot make it to zero. The treatment is to replace fallen hair with new hair and prevent baldness.

Continued Hair Loss will make me bold?

TYou do not become bald due to hair fall. You develop thinning and empty spaces when fallen hair is not replaced with new hair. The hair cycle is interrupted. Stimulating hair growth and promoting new hair growth can counter baldness, the focus is not just preventing hair loss.