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All about your Hair Health.
How to get a natural Hair?


My hair will not grow unless it stops falling?

Hair growth and hair fall are two different cycles. In our minds, we have connected the two. We feel if the hair is falling it has stopped growing. If some hairs are in fall phase, there are other hair roots which at the sometime are in growth phase. You will still continue to get new hair roots even if you have hair loss. Treatments ensure that more hair will grow back to replace the fallen hair, ultimately giving you ahead full of hair.

Minoxidil once used needs to be used life time?

Hair loss is not a sickness or disease like cough, cold, fever that can be treated with a cure. Slowing down of the biological cycles can cause Hair Loss. Hair loss management is a care program to achieve good growth.

As long as we take care the hair growth is excellent, if we do not continue the care, the hair growth gradually becomes weak again. It is like washing your face and using a moisturizer or brushing teeth regularly. Not only Minoxidil but any mode of stimulation will have to be used continuously for a sustained effect. LLLT Laser, peptides, Capaxil, meso injections, growth factors, PRR all are effective only until they provide the support. Even a herbal oil will grow hair only till you apply it. Minoxidil is not at fault, it is the failure to realize you require regular care in one form or another.

Oil can grow hair?

Coconut oil has is a Lauric acid derivative. The long chain polymer structure of the coconut oil matches with the structure of the hair. The oil socks and occupies the spaces between the cuticle scales and does not allow the dust, dirt, chemicals, shampoos, detergents, soaps, pollution etc to enter the hair shaft. Coconut oil can protect the hair but does not directly induce hair growth. In hot climates coconut oil can help in keeping the scalp and the hair soft, manageable. Only coconut oil gets absorbed in to the hair upto 76-80%. Other oils are far below.

Stem cells can grow hair?

Biopsies have proved there is no lack of stem cells in the bold scalp. But there is a lock of the biological regulation for creation of terminal hair from these stem cells. Stem cells when injected around the hair follicle may or may not induce some villas new hair but the body has more useful important functions for available stem cells than just growing hair. These stem cells are carried away to repair a smokers lung or damaged liver, rather than growing hair. Stem cells have not succeeded in achieving any hair growth and are not FDA approved for clinical use.

Hair cloning can give you a head full of hair

Heir cloning is more appropriately called tissue engineering. There has been some success in growing hair out of cultured dermal papilla cells in mice but such potential could not be demonstrated in humans. The difficulty is that, human hair follicles have a dual, dermal as well as an epidermal component, unlike mice hair derived only from epidermal cells. The cultures cells were found to grow haywire in all directions like weeds in the jungle without any pattern or direction or pigment, as all white hair. As of now the future seems to be completely grown human follicles mode to be implanted by a surgeon to create good density and a natural pattern.

Hair Transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss problems.

Transplanted hair is not permanent. The hair selected from donor area is less sensitive but not completely unaffected by the reasons for hair loss. This hair may become thin weak slow growing without adequate nutrition to grow. It can suffer gradual aging. It will fall if hair from the location of the donor area is affected by progressive baldness. Plus the surrounding natural hair can continue to fall and create thinning or further baldness. Factors like stress, pollution, improper hair care, hormonal imbalance continue to affect the transplanted hair.

High protein diet, helps in hair growth

It is a recent misleading promotion to have high protein diet. Balanced diet with proper proportion of all nutrients is the best way to have healthy hair. All protein foods make the blood acidic. The raised acidity lends to re-absorption of calcium back into the blood to buffer this high acidity. Acidic blood does not foyer hair growth. The calcium being bound in the blood is not available to the bones and hair for utilization. The liver and kidney too ore over worked to clear all extra nitrogenous waste from high protein diet.

Salon treatments can grow better hair and strengthen the hair?

The nails and hair that grow out from the body are dead. You cannot apply anything on the dead hair shaft to make it grow better from the inside. The external treatments can make your hair look better for few days till the effect lasts but they do not grow the hair or prevent hair loss. Salon treatments can coat the hair shaft and support the structure for some time.

Yoga head stands can improve hair growth?

Only head stands will not grow hair. My yoga or exercise involving deep breathing which improves oxygenation and blood flow to the face, skin and scalp, is good for hair growth. Yoga for improving digestion, detoxification, improving functioning of liver, pancreas, internal organs, will all help in hair growth.

There are super treatments for hair which can show immediate improvement in days or weeks?

Hair growth is a biological cycle of 4 months. We cannot make anything work before 4 months. Any promise of results within days or weeks is a false promise. Please refrain from being misled by claims of instant results, unlimited hair growth and dream results.

Chicken in the food can help hair growth?

Today chicken is become the most loved food of the world. Unfortunately it is no more natural but is manufactured artificially like a pack of chips. A chicken that should grow and get ready for consumption in 1.5-2 years is artificially fattened in 4.6 months by injecting growth hormones, steroids to ensure weight gain. To prevent the chicken from falling sick, un-sick chicken are injected with antibiotics, anti-fungal. Tranquilizers and oral contraceptives are added to chicken feed. Regular consumption of chicken is not advisable for patients having hair loss.