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Hair Transplant Procedure, Guwahati Assam

Ask an individual with pattern baldness how it feels having a full head of hair. Like great wellbeing and youth, the vast majority of us underestimate our looks - that is, until they're gone. For some individuals with example hairlessness, a hair transplant can carry back their satisfaction and certainty with a fuller head of hair.

A look at Hair Transplant Procedure at Monjoven, Guwahati Assam

Before Consultation

- You need to book doctor's appointment by phone (9085887034/ 9864450460/ 8011002870) or online at

When you reach our clinic

- Hair density counting / hair and scalp analysis

- Click pictures of your head i.e frontal, middle vertex, Occipital and Temporal

- Blood pressure examination


Doctor's Consultation

- In initial consultation, our surgeon will evaluate your hair growth and hair loss, review your family history of hair loss and find out if you've had any previous hair transplant surgery. Doctor will also ask you about your lifestyle and discuss your expectations

- Medical conditions that could cause problems during or after surgery. Be sure to tell your doctor if you smoke or are taking any drugs or medications, especially aspirin or other drugs.

- If you decide to have hair transplant surgery, your surgeon will explain anesthesia, the type of facility where the surgery will be performed. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor any questions.

- Surgeon will make sure you understand plan: which procedures will be used and how long each will take

Blood Investigation is required for surgery.

Pre transplant letter to the patient for the Surgery

- You have to wash your Hair with normal shampoo on the day before surgery. Have a good night sleep the day before surgery.

- One attendant can accompany you. we have a private room for client and your accompanying person. Both of your lunch will be served in house.

- Doctor will be reviewing client again and designing your hairline before surgery. If client have any queries he will attend to it during that time.

- Doctor will advise not to drive yourself after the hair transplant, so it will be better if client can arrange a driver or a taxi for return.

- Please wear a front open shirt or sweater as you will have a head bandage after the Hair transplant procedure. Don't cut hair and don't shave beard.

Hair transplant surgery procedure

- You need to reach our clinic at 9 am, warm welcome by reception.

- Consent form need to filled up by the client (Kindly go through the consent form)

- Doctor will be reviewing client again and designing your hairline before surgery and examination of blood pressure.

- Local anesthesia and antibiotic skin test by technicians.

- Just before surgery, your hair will be trimmed short accordingly so that the grafts can be easily accessed, removed and counted.

- Your surgery will be daylong procedure, in between you can take breaks for tea, lunch etc.

- After the grafting session is complete, you have to wear a bandage for a day.

After the hair transplant surgery

- The next day you need to come to the clinic for bandage removal (Dressing ) then you can travel anywhere.

- From Third day onwards head wash should be continued till 14 days. Head wash video will be shared to hair transplant client.

Treatment for existing hair

After a successful hair transplant you still need to treat your existing hair from falling. We offer 4months free Low Level Laser Therarpy. Medication treatment and PRP Therapy.

Hair transplant is not just pulling hair out from donor area and putting it in transplanted area. It requires proper aesthetic planning, designing of hairline, planning for future hair loss and entire lifetime planning so that a person has full head of hair all throughout his or her life. We are industry expert in FUE & FUT surgery from head, beard and body hair. Specialized in transplant like Beard Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant along with post burn, post traumatic scars both head and face. Dr Porag Neog has done more than 1000+ Hair Transplant with Global Satisfied client from the globe.

If you ask what Hair Transplant to Dr Porag Neog is, he will tell that "optimal utilization of hair follicles during a transplant keeping in minds the patient age, genetic pattern & future hair loss. We at Monjoven, take consideration all these factors while planning for Hair Transplant so that a person looks good all throughout his or her life with regard to the hair.

Quality over Quantity.

Corrective Hair Transplant Surgery

It would be a costly worst nightmare, if you have to do corrective hair transplant for a low quality Hair Transplant. Monjoven had done many corrective hair transplant surgery. Monjoven believes in "Quality over quantity" as customer satisfaction is our main motto.


If you are planning to do a Hair Transplant in Guwahati, Assam, you can find many well established and reputed clinics. Unlike others, we dare not to quote ourselves as "The Most." All clinics have some advantages and disadvantages. But proudly we say we have "The Most" satisfied clients in the region from across the globe. As a clinic base establishment, you will get an entire team of industry experts and surgeon dedicated only to your hair transplant procedure, in a well equipped and fully sterilized Operation Theatre. A wise decision will change your life forever.